08/31/2013 - RTK Cooperative Network - 2011 Reference Frame

WDS is pleased to announce the arrival of the NAD83 (2011) EPOCH 2010 National Spatial Reference System for the RTK Cooperative Network. All Members now have access to two correction sources from the Network.


The New NAD83 (2011) derived system puts the Network more closely aligned with NGS and other modern Reference Frames. For details on how to configure your Trimble TSC2's and TSC3's to access this new correction source, CLICK HERE


The current Reference Frame (NAD83 CORS96, EPOCH 2002) correction source will remain available for several months for Members to complete current projects and make the transition to the new correction source. Members desiring to utilize the existing system during this time may continue to use existing configuration settings in their controllers.


The RTK Cooperative Network was established in 2004 as a first-of-its-kind Member-Owned VRS (Virtual Reference Station) Network providing Real Time Kinematic solutions to Trimble GPS users across Texas and Oklahoma. With only a handful of Members and reference stations in the beginning, the Network has grown to more than 120 stations and over 1100 Members. Based on geographic coverage and user base, we believe the RTK Cooperative Network is larger than any other network in the U.S. and possibly the world.


As the Network Manager, it is WDS’s objective to bring modernization, growth and continued reliability to the Network Members. The Reference Frame update is just one of the many steps taken toward this goal. Over the last eighteen months, new servers have been added, software updates have been installed, GNSS receivers have been deployed, and personnel resources have increased to ensure continued improvements and operation of the system.

Whether you're already a Member of the Cooperative Network or would like to learn how to become one, please contact your local WDS Representative with any questions.


Western Data Systems is proud to announce a major Network expansion is underway. Within the next few months, we will be adding up to 10 additional reference stations that will give you VRS network coverage on almost all of the Eagle Ford Shale area. Since this is an area that is seeing tremendous growth in survey crews (and much better cell phone coverage), we felt it was vital to expand the network for the benefit of all the members who are or will be working there.

We have been installing receivers to act as single base stations. When we have enough in place, we will tie them together for a new island within the network. The following cities are either already in place or in the process of being installed.

Laredo (installed)
Victoria (installed)
Dilley (installed)
Childress (installed)
Vernon (installed)
Three Rivers
Del Rio
Eagle Pass