Subsurface location via locators and GPR

Surveyors employs magnetic location technology in conjunction with ground penetrating radar. They use hand-held magnetic locators such as the Schonstedt GA-92XT to locate metallic pipes, live electrical currents, or signals from live communications wires. They also use electromagnetic induction, the Seeker SPR for example, to assist in areas where accuracy is the goal.

magnetic locatorLocators

Underground locators for Surveyors, Utilities (water and sewer, power, telecom, cable, gas), Ordnance removal, Construction, Excavation, and Exploration. Our pipe and cable locators help find underground pipes, cable, and wire and are used all over the world, in the harshest conditions and terrain.

SPR Ground Penetrating RadarGround Penetrating Radar

GPR shows you what is on the other side. Slowly move the unit over the medium you want to investigate, like a wall, concrete floor, road or any other non-conductive surface. The GPR's antenna sends safe ultra wide spectrum RF energy pulses through that medium and back to the antenna to create an image of the subsurface on the operator interface.

SPR Ground Penetrating RadarOptimal Ranging Spar 300 Family

Regardless of orientation or relative position to the pipeline or cable, the Spar 300 continuously provides estimates of offset, depth, and impressed AC current. The Trimble Access-based Utility Survey software integrates seamlessly with Trimble GNSS receivers, merging measured offsets to the utility to the geospatial position of the aboveground spar.