Houston Office

Houston Skyline

14722 Regnal Street

Houston, TX 77039

Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Western Data Systems was established by Michael Hefer in 1982 and has gradually expanded his company to six stores and two states. Western Data Systems continues to expand not only its territory but its products and experience, giving the customer choices to make the jobs cost effective and productive. The Houston location offers Sales, Rentals, Service and Support of all your Survey, Mapping/GIS, Marine and Building Construction needs.


Office Phone Fax Email
WDS Houston 888-700-5211 281-987-2743 Hou@wds-us.com
Sales Position Cell Number Email
Allison Alford MGIS Sales/Manager 281-797-2649 Allison@wds-us.com
Jimmy Jordan Fleet Sales 713-725-3438 jimmy@wds-us.com
J.T. Byrne Survey Sales/Manager 713-306-4988 JTByrne@wds-us.com
Wade Jordan Marine/Survey Sales 281-684-5424 Wade@wds-us.com
Jamie Villarreal Survey Sales 281-787-9229 Jaime@wds-us.com
Leadership Position Cell Number Email
Wess McDonald Chief Executive Officer 214-585-2026 Wess@wds-us.com
Robb Delprado President 860-558-8032 Robb@wds-us.com